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Master Tung lives in Los Angeles, where he has established
Kai Ying Tung academy of T'ai Chi Ch'uan.
He teaches many places in the US. He frequently travels to France, Italy,
Sweden, Finland and has taught in Denmark three times a year since 1984.

He has been doing T'ai Chi for over fifty years. He learned from his grandfather Tung Ying Chieh.
The Tung family came from the Hopei province in China, but moved to Hong Kong in 1939.
Here Master Tung Ying Chieh established a T'ai Chi school and taught the T'ai Chi he learned
through many years with Yang Cheng Fu.
He wrote Yangs book, and followed Yang until his death. Because of that, he also followed the
development that took place in Yangs T'ai Chi. The style is therefor similar to Yangs latest and
final style, that is now the most widely known.
Master Kai Ying Tungs name literally means continue (his grandfathers name and fame), and he
started in the age of fifteen to teach in Hong Kong. This was T'ai Chi for health and personal
improvement, but certainly also for martial purposes. He has never been defeated in a challenge,
and in those days in Hong Kong challenges were very common, because masters would make both
money and honour from teaching martial arts.
In 1971 he and his father Tung Hu Ling moved to the United States and taught in Los angeles and
Hawaii, and Master Tung has ever since taught countless students both in the US and abroad.
The slow set of T'ai Chi movements is the main thing for beginners and remains the
core of the training for advanced students, but Master Tung teaches many sets of T'ai Chi:

Slow T'ai Chi, Yang style.
T'ai Chi Kung; T'ai Chi Standing exercises.
T'ui Shou; Push Hands.
San Pu; Three Step.
Ta lü; Four Corners.
T'ai Chi K'uai Chüan; Fast T'ai Chi.
Tung Chia K'uai Ch'üan; Tung Family Fast T'ai Chi.
Tui lien; Partner set.
K'uai Ch'uan Tui Lien; Tung family partner set.
T'ai Chi Tao; Knife.
Ch'ang Tao; Long Knife.
T'ai Chi Chian; Sword.
Shuang Kun; Double Sticks.
K'ai Ho; T'ai Chi with hard hands.
T'ai Chi Ch'iang; Lance.

All names transcribed in Wade-Giles.

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