T'ai Chi trip with Master Tung
to China September 1999.

220 students from USA, Canada, France, Italy, Denmark,
Sweden and Finland went with Master Tung to China in 1999.
We visited Master Tungs hometown Renxian near Xingtai
in Hebei province, about 400 km Southwest of Beijing.
In Xingtai we made a big outdoor  demonstration together
with Chinese T'ai Chi- and martial-arts people.
We also visited many sightseeings in and outside Beijing.
Here is some photos from the trip, more will come:

Picture 1.
Picture 2.
Picture 3.
Picture 4.
Picture 5.
Picture 6.
Picture 7.

The following pictures are extracted from videofilm
by Ninna Rosander.
Picture 8.
Picture 9.
Picture 10.

Picture 11.

Picture 12.

Picture 13.

Picture 14.

Picture 15.

Picture 16.

Picture 17.

Picture 18.

Picture 19.

Picture 20.

Picture 21.

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Picture 24.

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